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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Automatic reloading
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2003 17:20:54 GMT
Thank you for looking at the patch Eric,

Eric Pugh wrote:

> [configuration] Automatic reloadingEmmanuel,
> This looks good..  I don't have a problem applying this patch, but could we
> get a couple small changes?
> 1) Could you submit this as part of bugzilla?  Makes it easier to list out
> the changes when we do a release.

Sure, I'll file a bug.

> 2) Can you submit all the files as a patches?  It looks like the patches are
> only for the unit tests..

I have attached a diff and the full version of the modified files, i 
think everything needed was there.

> 3) Can we make the sleep time configurable?  default to 5 seconds, but allow
> it to change..  I can see some environments where we might want to check
> every minute or something..   Just seems like it should be configurable..


> 4) In the code there is a System.out.println, can we change that to use the
> standard logging scheme?

Actually I forgot to remove it before submiting the patch, it wasn't 
supposed to be there ;)

I wonder if it is desirable to change the PropertiesConfiguration class 
or extend it as a ReloadablePropertiesConfiguration class. What would be 
the best approach ? Also the same feature could be implemented for the 
DOM4JConfiguration class. If so we might want to introduce a 
ReloadableConfiguration interface defining the is/setAutoReload and 
get/setRefreshDelay methods.

Emmanuel Bourg

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