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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: Is it time to move Configuration out of sandbox?
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 22:39:44 GMT
>From what you describe, it fulfills the normal things I look for in commons
proper promotion. If you get no problems from this mail, you should move to
a new VOTE thread.


PS. The website could benefit from some links from the main intro area to
the overview and examples pages IMO. And perhaps the maven logo should be
the feather? (maven.xdoc.poweredby.image=maven-feather.png)

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From: "Eric Pugh" <>
> Over the past couple month's, the Configuration project in sandbox has
> matured quite a bit from the state it was in when it was spun out of
> so long ago.  To wit:
> 1) CompositeConfiguration pattern that allows aggregating multiple
> configurations
> 2) Ability to override or add to a key in collection.
> 3) JNDI provider for Configuration object
> 4) AbstractConfiguration to make it simpler to create new implementators
> (say LDAP...) of a Configuration.
> 5) Over 170 unit tests providing good coverage (JCoverage says 86%
> coverage!)
> Along with this, there have been numerous patches from some new people
> including Konstantin Shaposhnikov and Oliver Heger, as well as some very
> good work on cleaning up the docs and providing a nice "Examples" section.
> At this point, I think that the need for a 1.0 release is becoming
> A number of projects use commons configuration (including Turbine) and
> having a 1.0 release would ensure stability in the architecture, and give
> a way to deprecate some things (like a getVector()) method.  Therefore, I
> would like to get a general feeling on what needs to be done before we can
> do a release.  I have reviewed the promotion docs, and I believe all the
> required paperwork is now in place.
> The documentation has just been rebuilt and is available:
> I used the "maven dist" target and have uploaded the distribution
> here:
> Eric
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