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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject [general] Updating 'whoweare.html'
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 02:38:18 GMT

[in case it's not obvious, this email pertains only to Jakarta committers] is the informal way for
Jakarta to let the users know who we are.

When you become a Jakarta committer, it is hoped that you will add your
name and even a description if you so wish, but it can be a pain as
jakarta-site2 is a bit of a barrier to build and you have to get access to
the web-server directory, though I believe that now they are the same
machine it is easier.

That said, I am offering a one-time, no rainchecks, by the end of the
week, no-refunds, no-smallprint, service to add either your name, or your
name and a description.

Please either mail from your apache account or include your apache
username so I can doublecheck.

I'll also remove names and/or move them to 'Alumni' or some other
suggested section if anyone would like.


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