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From Matt Cliff <>
Subject [math] patch to remove the firstDerivative() secondDerivative()
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 23:19:11 GMT

Attached is a patch that will remove the firstDerivative and 
secondDerivative methods from UnivarateRealFunction,   this affects only 
the UnvariateRealFunction interface and the InterpolatorTest class.  (also 
affected is some Javadoc in the analysis test package).

  I choose not add a UnivariateRealDifferentiableFunction at this time, 
primary not to complicate matters while trying to get a 1.0 release 
compelte.  (my intent is to make a Differnetiator type of pattern similar 
to the Solver pattern)

   The reason I wish to remove the *Derivative() methods from the Function 
interface is that the class of differentiable functions is MUCH smaller 
than non-differentiable ones,  if we leave these in the interface it would 
enable the Solver (and other numerical methods) to take advantage of the 
derivative calculation that is not available in a large class of problems.

      Matt Cliff            
      Cliff Consulting
      720.280.6324 (c)

      The label said install Windows 98 or better so I installed Linux.

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