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From "Corby Page" <>
Subject [DBUtils] Patch for Pluggable Adaptors
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 00:39:02 GMT
OK, be gentle if I have messed anything up here, I am new to Bugzilla.

I have submitted the patch as a source diff per David's request. The
enhancement is logged as Bug 24997.

Per Yoav's request, I have implemented an interface that enables pluggable
conversion strategies. The interface is ColumnAdaptor. The default
implementation is SimpleAdaptor, which works like DbUtils 1.0. I have also
shipped DriverAdaptor, which delegates to the JDBC driver to map to the
JavaBean properties, as I described in my initial e-mail.

I have included a TestCase that illustrates my original use case, where the
JavaBean property is a double, but the native return type from the database
is a BigDecimal.

I have created a new package, org.apache.commons.dbutils.adaptors, under
both the src and the test trees.

Let me know if this meets your needs.


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