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From "Corby Page" <>
Subject [DbUtils]Improving the BeanHandler
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 17:18:00 GMT
Hi, first off I'd like to say thanks for the DbUtils package. It has been
very helpful for cleaning up my code in places where I have to do manual

I have had to modify the code in order to use the BeanHandler, and I wanted
to offer my modifications as a patch to the codebase.

Let me run through a quick use-case: I have a bean with a property called
quantity of type double. I tried to populate this bean with a SELECT
statement using the BeanHandler.

However, the BasicRowProcessor.createBean( ... ) method executes the
following code:

Object value = rs.getObject(i);

The return type from my Sybase JDBC Driver here is BigDecimal. Since this
isn't a perfect match for the exposed bean property, it refuses to populate
the property.

When I code this persistence operation by hand, I use rs.getDouble(i). This
way, I make the vendor do the work for me. I tell the vendor I expect a
double return type, and he is responsible for performing the
BigDecimal.doubleValue() conversion.

So, I have created my own custom RowProcessor that replaces the getObject
call from above with a method that looks like this:

        Object value;
        if ( propType.equals( Double.TYPE ) || propType.equals(
Double.class ) )
            value = new Double( rs.getDouble( index ) );
            value = rs.getObject( index );

This is implemented for all of the appropriate ResultSet methods of course.
Now, we look at the type of the named property, and we call the appropriate
method of the JDBC driver to get the vendor to adapt to that type, if
possible. This feels a lot more flexible than requiring a bean property to
precisely match a (possibly arbitrary) default type used by the JDBC

I would be happy to offer this code as a patch to BasicRowProcessor, as an
alternate RowProcessor that extends BasicRowProcessor, or leave it up to
you guys to implement if you feel this is a good idea.


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