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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: OT: Re: was [ANN] hivemind has been temporarily taken offline, NOW: Geronimo code onwership
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2003 17:15:19 GMT
> > Would you please refresh my memory a link the message explaining the
> > source of Geronimo source? I think that most people believe, including
> > me, that it is refactored jBoss code, how else could so much code
> > apear.

> Come on, Vic.  Take this to the geronimo list if you have accusations.

The one time he posted to the geronimo-dev list
(, he chose not to deal with the responses to his

> They are free to re-license their code if they choose to

Correct.  As long as it is *their* code, and not work-for-hire, a derived
work with someone else's IP, or some other situation where they don't have
complete rights to the work.

In any event, he was convinced of the origin of the code before there was
any, so why should his a priori view be any different now?

> Take it to the members list or the Geronimo list.

He can't take it to the members list.  He's not a Member.  Which also means
that he's not privy to whatever, if any, discussion occured on that list
regarding Geronimo or any other project, as the content of that list is

Judging from his messages on Incubator General
(, I
can see why he is upset that Geronimo project got green lighted, and his
basicPortal messages were ignored.  basicPortal looks interesting.  One
problem is that far too many messages have been, and continue to be, ignored
on Incubator.  Incubator needs more resources.

	--- Noel

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