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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: OT: Re: [ANN] hivemind has been temporarily taken offline
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 05:34:59 GMT
> Interesting that HiveMind was a problem, yet jBoss to Geromino is not a
> potential legal problem for Apache Users. What was the diference, that
> they put the code in first, refactored packages and claimed it
> was not jBoss IP? All Howard did was level with ASF, and Geronimo
> (insert appropriate word) claimed orignial IP.  Even enforcement would
> be great.

Howard acknowledges that there is an IP concern regarding HiveMind, although
he hopes to have it corrected soon.  The Geronimo developers represent that
the code contributed for Geronimo does not contain any code belonging to
JBoss.  Should any be found, it will be removed.  Your comment about code
appearing on SourceForge suggests that you are confusing Geronimo with Elba.

> I hope HiveMind shows up on in the mean time

At worst, if there were JBoss code in Geronimo it would be licensed under
LGPL.  HiveMind, however, is not LGPL.  Until its IP problems are resolved,
the code is proprietary to WebCT.  For Howard to publish HiveMind anywhere
before the IP issues are resolved could be considered misappropriation of
corporate assets.

	--- Noel

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