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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [hivemind] what exactly is the issue here?
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 23:51:18 GMT

The only reason why this issue keeps getting airtime here is because it
hasn't been brought to the Jakarta PMC or the ASF Board, and people are
asking him to do so.

> If I understand it correctly, all of the code in HiveMind was either:
> 1) moved to the j-c-sandbox from tapestry
> 2) created new in the j-c-sandbox by Howard
> the trouble being that some of the work under #2 was done on WebCT's dime,
> and that while Howard believed that was acceptable to WebCT at the time,
> now there seems to be some ambiguity in the matter.

A good summary of my understanding, although I don't believe that there is
an ambiguity with respect to to WebCT.  Howard developed it on their time
without realizing that it gave them rights.  WebCT apparently wants to
assign copyright to the ASF, so that's good, but apparently wants some form
of credit in return.

> Howard, can you explain in more detail:
> A) What exactly is WebCT asserting with respect to HiveMind?
> B) What exactly WebCT would like to do/plans to do/would like
>    the ASF to do as a result of that?
> C) If relevant, what is your opinion/position on their assertions under A?

We're not the ones whom Howard needs to discuss this with.

	--- Noel

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