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From "Ash .." <>
Subject [collections] MapUtils.getXxx() return types
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 19:44:33 GMT

I am curious to know why MapUtils does not have getters that return 
primitive types. Perhaps there was a discussion on whether it was needed or 
not, you could point me to such discussion that took place in the past when 
this class was conceived.
In any case, I think that getters that return primitives could be very 
useful, much more than those that return wrapper objects. Thus, I think we 
could do with methods like:

MapUtils.getDoubleValue(Map map, Object key [,defaultValue]);

If the answer to my question is "you can do a MapUtils.getDouble(map, 
key).doubleValue() and so on",
I would say, having a built-in method enhances the use of this class than 
having a programmer resort to such multiple method call. Of course, the 
internal implementation would do the same, but in the end, client code would 
look far neater.

Let me know,

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