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From "Ash .." <>
Subject re: new functionality in some of the commons classes - contd
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2003 18:56:06 GMT

I got no reply for my second email. (Or did I miss any.)
Much of the ideas I have here are about minor functionality in some of the 
basic classes (such as lang.StringUtils etc). I would be glad to know how to 
go about it. I mentioned one as an example, perhaps it would be preferred if 
I mention all of them at one go? Since I am new to this group, I am not very 
familiar with your preferred way. Curious to know.

Hello again,

Adding to my earlier email I just sent out, I wish to give an example here,
of some of the ideas I have.

The concept of a "naught" String.

A String is naught if it is either 'null' or is the literal "null".

I have often encountered this situation in my JSP project where a particular
parameter is passed in
as x=null, and I need to insert code everytime saying if(x == null ||

Perhaps others have encountered a similar situation. I thus propose the
following functionality in the
org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils class:

StringUtils.isNaught(String str)

And more such to go. Waiting for some feedback.

-----Original Message-----
From: ASHWIN Suresh
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2003 20:47
To: 'Jakarta Commons Developers List'
Subject: new functionality in some of the commons classes

Hello all,

I am new to the list, and am here after my recent (and really exciting)
discovery of the existence of this whole treasure of day-to-day usage
code in the name of the Commons project.

I would like to propose/contribute some new functionality to some
of the classes (mostly simple stuff). Do let me know the procedure
for this. If there is a standard document which explains this,
which I missed, please give me a pointer to it.


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