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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [DIGESTER] access to private members?
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 19:00:43 GMT
hi james

this seems to me to be somewhat related to discussions we've been 
having about factoring out the actual implementation used so that 
subclasses can use the setProperties logic without being tied to 
beanutils. this would probably allow a simple solution to you problem 
to be easily constructed.

i'd like to see beanutils support this kind of thing and i know how i'd 
like to see it supported (we've even been moving towards it) but my 
apache time seems to be taken up with talking rather than coding these 
days. the refactoring of digester would be easier and quicker than 
adding this to beanutils.

comments welcomed :)

- robert

On 12 Nov 2003, at 18:15, James Carman wrote:

> I am writing a class that uses digester to read a configuration file.  
> I want to use a SetNextRule, but my method is private.  So, what I 
> would like to do is wrap my call to digester.parse() in a 
> PrivilegedExceptionAction and have the AccessController run it, 
> thereby giving the digester permissions to call private members.  This 
> doesn't work, however.  This would be a great way to use Digester, but 
> NOT break encapsulation.  Any thoughts?  Shouldn'tDigester support 
> this?  This may be a limitation of the BeanUtils class, I'll run a 
> test.  But, in the meantime, give it some thought.  I think that would 
> be a great enhancement to digester (or BeanUtils as it very well may 
> turn out).
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