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From John Keyes <>
Subject Re: [all] Separate email list for math development?
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2003 20:59:53 GMT
> I think the concern is more so that the content (mathematical 
> algorithms) is outside the scope of interest of the Commons in 
> general, while the discussions concerning package design are 
> interesting to commons in general. This is much in the same way that 
> the Http protocol discussions of HttpClient were too subject specific 
> to be of interest of Commons and thus a new list was spawned for that 
> subject matter.

 From what I remember HttpClient was granted a dedicated list
purely based on the high level of traffic.  I cannot see
any real benefits of creating new lists purely on this basis
(apart from the bandwidth saved, though if this is a concern
you would probably be receiving digest mails or use gmane).

> "Commons Math Developers" would be a list where discussion about 
> internal algorithm issues can be discussed without the huge amounts of 
> email we generate in the process getting dumped into the commons 
> developer list and requiring filtering by everyone else.
> Of course we would promote that many Commons Developers actually join 
> both lists and it still would be highly promoted that issues 
> concerning the interaction of math with other Commons components be 
> discussed on the Commons Developer list directly.

This means we have automatically complicated the interaction
between Math developers and their community.  I just see
this as another layer of unnecessary indirection.

> Its a tough call, I'm not quite convinced theres enough [math] 
> activity yet (even though I opened up the discussion). I fact, there 
> was a long period in the fall where we didn't open any new discussions 
> about math.

My reason for commenting on this thread is to see if we can
identify a real problem rather than segregating projects
from the community.

-John K

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