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From ASHWIN Suresh <>
Subject RE: [lang] new functionality in StringUtils and ArrayUtils - prop osal 01
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 00:42:37 GMT

-----Original Message-----
From: Gary Gregory []

>   StringUtils.flank(String flankee, String flank)
>   StringUtils.flank(String flankee, char flank)

> I am not fond of the word "flank", it is not part of my string
vocabulary, maybe it is a Perl thing? I think "wrap" or your other "enclose"
is *much* better for things like that.

I proposed the term "flank" simply because the concept is that of flanking,
I don't know if it has been used in any string manip jargon. Wrap already
a specific significance, and I am trying to get a fine distinction between
"flank" and "enclose".

>   * StringUtils.flank("", *)        = *

This one does not seem quite right:

StringUtils.flank("", "x") = "x" 

> Should it not be = "xx"?

Sorry, yes, it should be "xx". Mea culpa.

>   /**
>    * <pre>
>    * StringUtils.doubleQuote("Now is the time...") = "Now is the time..."
>    * </pre>
>    */
>   StringUtils.doubleQuote(String quotee)

> The edge cases are not specified in the above. An @see could also do be
added to avoid duplicating the edge case docs.

>   StringUtils.lead(String leadee, String leadChar)

hmmm... "abc" + "zz" = "zzabc"

Because "abc" is 'lead' by "zz".

> Unless you want to handle edge cases specifically this seems over the


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