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From John Keyes <>
Subject Re: [lang][codec] Sanity checking a client project build
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 18:13:36 GMT
> I'd love to have unit tests that I can run whenever I patch my system. 
>  As a
> matter of fact, I predict that an OS vendor who could provide that 
> would
> make a killing with corporations who are tired of patching their 
> patched
> patches to ensure the fixpack patches don't overlay their patched 
> fixpacks.
> If you've ever worked with a multi OS/multi hardware platform shop, 
> you'd
> know it would be great to have SOME sort of test to give you a warm 
> fuzzy
> feeling.

I can see how this would matter if your were rolling a patch out to
a bunch of machines but for one machine it is not worthwhile.  My
example sucked - apologies.

I just think that it is a lot of extra work for little potential gain
in this case.  When a jakarta-commons project is ready for release an
email is sent to this list, stating where the release candidate is
and asking projects who depend on it to test this latest release out.
This is when those projects need to run all of their tests with this
new release.  If any of their tests break well then a second release
candidate is required at the very least.  I really don't see the need
to run all of the tests for each of the dependencies.

-John K

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