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From Charles Hudak <>
Subject RE: [OT] Re: [Math] common-math and bloated 3rd party libraries
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 22:37:01 GMT
>Well put, +1 on that too. It is amazing that some people are still using NT
>(as opposed to at least Win2000) but that's life.

I hate to break it to you guys but this stuff costs $$$. Upgrading weblogic
costs many thousands of dollars and many, many man hours not to mention a
hell of a lot of planning. Upgrading an entire server farm from NT to 2000
(when NT runs perfectly fine for the most part) including upgrading IIS also
requires alot of money, planning and man power. When uptime is a
consideration and you can't bust down for new hardware to rebuild your
system and install a new OS from scratch, this stuff has to happen in situ.

We are still using the original servers and software that our company bought
over 4 years ago when this venture was started.

Do you guys just migrate from new project to new project or have you ever
had to maintain a system over the course of a couple of years!? ;^)

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