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From __matthewHawthorne <>
Subject Re: [collections][PROPOSAL] Remove Observable subpackage
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 23:25:48 GMT
I think it's a good idea to remove it.  At this point, [collections] is 
so big that I'm +1 for removing all that we can.  I frequently get 
OutOfMemoryExceptions when doing the maven build due to the size (from 
the statcvs and linkcheck plugins).

Now as to where it should go, I always like the idea of doing it at 
Apache if possible.

Here's an idea:

[collections] has already spawned off another subproject in 
[primitives].  There is the alternative primitive collections (let's 
call it [primitives2], I forget what the actual name is) that you have 
at SourceForge, and now the possibility of [observable].  However, all 
of these projects, in a way, still fall under the domain of [collections].

Perhaps it's time for collections to become a larger project which can 
contain subprojects.  I'm not sure if this is doable in Jakarta Commons, 
but maybe in top-level Jakarta or the newer Apache Commons?

All administrative burdens aside, this makes more sense to me.  The 
current [collections] could become [collections-core], along with the 
newer [collections-primitives] and [collections-observable].   This 
would allow proper room to grow for each subproject -- while still 
keeping related projects together.

I realize that this is a semi-radical idea, but maybe it's worth 
considering?  At a minimum, I think it would provide the newer 
subprojects with more visibility and possible promote a more active 

Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> I would like to propose that the observable subpackage of [collections] be
> removed to another location. It remains a relatively self contained part of
> [collections] following the recent restructuring, and has the potential to
> grow with other event strategies and integration with GUIs such as Swing.
> This makes it a relatively poor fit with the rest of [collections].
> Either the sandbox, or sourceforge seem appropriate for the code. I know
> there is demand for the code and a release, but I don't want to let it lie
> unreleased in [collections] as primitives did for far too long.
> So, whos in favour of removing it from [collections]?
> And where to, sandbox (observable), sourceforge (joda-observable), or
> elsewhere?
> Stephen

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