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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: Web Presence for ALL Jakarta Commons components
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 22:27:34 GMT
I'm also willing to help a hand mavenizing the commons (sandbox) components.

What do you guys think about the maven setup of DBCP as example (menu 

Shouldn't we cleanup the sandbox a bit first?
(tar & rm)
The following components are graduated out the sandbox:
betwixt		cli		codec
daemon		dbutils		digester
discovery	el		fileupload
jelly		jexl		lang
latka		launcher	logging
math		modeler		primitives

These components/directories can also be removed IMHO:
amend		empty
cjan		empty
graph		empty
latka-webapp	empty
morphos		empty
pattern		empty
cadastre	empty old avalon comp
cvs		empty dir
periodicity_1	empty dir
jdbc2pool	moved into dbcp
util		move into lang & collections
bzip2		moved into IO
altrmi		moved to incubator
jux		no real code
armi		old altrmi project
http		old httpclient
jpath		old jxpath
joran		only proposal 13 months old

The component template in the "proposal" directory should also be updated.

One last remark, there is a xmlunit component and there is also a sourceforge 
project with the same name:

-- Dirk

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