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From Gerry Duprey <>
Subject [configuration] order of compositeconfiguration items
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 16:40:09 GMT

In addition to being able to addConfiguration(), has there been any thought to 
an insertConfigurationAt(Configuration, x)?

I ask because I'm building up a composite configuration from several resources
and the order that I build them is from lowest to highest priority (when 
resolving duplicate names).  As things are now though, addConfiguration() 
treats the first configuration as the highest priority.  Based on how I need 
to load things, this make life difficult (I have to cache all parts of the 
composite configuration into a Vector until done, then run through the vector 
backwards to install them).

Certainly I can work around it, but a bit more flexibility in the order 
configurations are added/searched in the composite would be of some benefit.



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