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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Re: [math] Contributions
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2003 20:02:21 GMT
Stou Sandalski wrote:
> I am interested in working on the Math commons project, mainly in the linear
> algebra section.  I have been toying with the idea of writing some methods
> and classes for manipulating matrices (determinates, rref. right, left,
> normalized/orthogonal-eigenvectors, and all that other fun stuff), but could
> not find an excuse to spend time on them.

Well, developing it is certainly fun, but where do you think will
it be used? From my experience, casual application of numerics
doesn't occur all that often, mainly
- calculating means, ranks and other descriptive statistics
- curve fitting, mainly using linear functions
- simple 3D computer graphics stuff
- some not quite basic financial math (e.g. numbers of years
  to save in order to get a certain infinite rent)
Most of the more advanced applications want performance or have
huge problem size or both, and Java isn't specifically useful for
either of these problems. Well, I mean: a generic Java library will
be in general at least an order of magnitude slower than tailored
Java code, and this already has a hard time to compete with
unoptimized, generic C++ or FORTRAN library code.

> My question is, after looking at the javadocs and xref it seems like the
> RealMatrix has already been created and implemented, but from the User Guide
> in Linear Algebra it says "This is yet to be written."  How finished is this
> and what kind of work needs to be done on it? Are you looking to extend it
> with other operations?  In general: "What can I do?"

All help is welcome. Doing docs is fine. I recommend to search an archive,
for example
(unbreak URL) or use (faster but search
is even worse).
You might specifically want to look at


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