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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [Math] Commons Math Contributions
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 16:15:55 GMT
Mike and Matt,

To try to answer your questions as best as possible. First and foremost, 
become familiar with the goals and guiding principles we initially set 
out to maintain the math project here.

Mainguy, Mike wrote:
> I'm in the same boat, a good answer would be appreciated (I've gotten a wide
> variety).
> Another thing I'm wondering is should we add ourselves as an author when we
> submit a patch or is that just if you're a commiter?

Yes, you may provide a patch to project.xml with yourself as a 
contributor when you make a submission via the bug track. However, to 
avoid bloat of the contributors list, I'd recommend only doing it if you 
strongly feel you need this acknowledgment.

> worse is better 
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Matt Cliff [] 
> Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2003 11:46 AM
> To:
> Subject: [Math] Commons Math Contributions
>>  I recently download the math commons subproject and would like to 
>>help out.
>>  This is my first open source contribution effort and am looking forward
>>to extending to other projects.   I have a background in Mathematics (MS
>>and thesis work in Stochastic Analysis) and for the past several years 
>>worked as a project lead for a Java Company.
>>  Basically,
>>   (1) What is the best way to contribute?   (submit patches to this
>>mailing list or through the bug tracking system?)   Also,  will the bug
>>tracking a new "Math" component to the Commons project?

Please use bugzilla to provide your patches for the math project

This is going to change slightly in the future as Math will become a 
full fledged component in commons as opposed to the current posting to 
the "sandbox". I think I will put together a xdoc that covers all this 
detail further.

If this is all too confusing initially, please just post it to the list 
until the changes in bugzilla occur and I publish this document.

>>   (2) What should I be working on?  (what do we need to do to get it to a
>>1.0 release?)   

I think that our effort for 1.0 is fairly complete. Now we are just 
trying to figure out the release process, stabilize the move out off the 
sandbox etc.

>>I would be more comfortable doing some 'maintenance' type
>>work intially,  downstream I can offer more substantitve math  (I had 
>>done a bunch of work with DASSL and DASPK and their applications to 
>>Stochastic differential equations).

This is great, I think we need to explore more concerning DiffEq and 
Stochastic processes. I think first we need to stabilize 1.0 get it out 
and move forward with new additions and designs. Hang out on the list, 
postulate ideas, your niche will become clearer over time.

>>   (3) Will there be a link on the 
>> page to the Math Compont
> page?

There will be a link to the Math project on the commons front page, we 
are trying to catchup and get everything ironed out with this. (I just 
moved the cvs tree out of the sandbox last weekend.

>>   (4) I added a quick type-o patch for the tasks.xml doc to see if it 
>>is the proper format.  (this is a cvs diff output)

Matt, thanks for the patch I'll apply it.

>>      The label said install Windows 98 or better so I installed 

:-) snicker


Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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