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From Kasper Nielsen <>
Subject [Math] common-math and bloated 3rd party libraries
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 13:54:58 GMT
Hi gang,

I love commons-math, one problem though!

lets take a look at the dependecies

common-lang: 189 kb
commons-beanutils: 116 kb
commons-collections-SNAPSHOT.jar 463
commons-discovery 70 kb
commons-logging-1.0.3.jar 31 kb kb

Thats 850 kb!!! of 3rd party libraries that are only used in a few places.
So to calculate a simple mean I need to include around 6 jars (including 

So lets get the list down a bit.

* Commons-lang
Getting rid of Commons-lang is pretty easy since it is only used in one 
place: MathException
Solution : Let MathException extend Exception instead of 
NestableException. There aren't really anywhere we use the ability to 
nest Exceptions inside other Exceptions in commons-math.

* Commons-collections
Getting rid of commons-collections is also pretty easy
Solution: Getting a copy of HashBag (and the Testcase) and put into 
math.util (no need to copy the interface)

now we got rid of ~ 650 kb in around 2 minutes, 3 jars left, this is a 
fun game!!

* Commons-Beanutils
Okay the transformers are nice but come on how many people are going to 
use them?
Solution: put them into a new small library: commons-math-transformers.jar

** Commons-Discovery
KISS keep it simple stupid, who on earth is going to provide there own 
and for those few people that need it... I think they are smart enough 
to do figure it out themself.
Solution: remove it (or do something like we do for commons-logging)

** Commons-logging
Lastly commons-logging...
I would think returning NaN is enough, but okay if people insist we can 
do something like (pseudo code)

public class logutil
    static Method logMethod;
     static {
             Class clazz = Class.forName("commons.LogFactory");
             logMethod = clazz.getMethod("error");
         catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {}
     public static logError(String msg, Throwable t)
         if (logMethod!=null)
             logMethod.invoke(msg + t);

and whoops we have now gotten rid of all the libraries, and we have easy 
embeddable little commons math jar.


Kasper Nielsen
kaspern at

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