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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: commons-logging & classloading (continued)
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 22:47:03 GMT
Will Jaynes wrote:
> Well, I submitted this as a bug and included a patch. But Remy 
> immediately marked it as RESOLVED/WONTFIX. He doesn't really address my 
> suggestion other than to say that c-l "if used properly ... is well 
> thought out, and works perfectly well" I would never suggest that c-l is 
> not well thought out. However, I don't think that all the problems we 
> see involving c-l classloading can be attributed to us not using c-l 
> "properly". It may work perfectly well with Tomcat5, but that doesn't 
> mean there aren't improvements that can be made. Or even accomodations 
> that could be made to other containers than Tomcat5.
> Could someone please explain why the suggestion to load the Log 
> interface with the loadClass() method is not acceptable.

- The core Log classes should be loaded once from one place (= 
(basically) they should be in the system classloader)
- the log implementations (ex: the log4j implementation) should reside 
in the same classloader as the logger; ideally, the logger ships with 
wrapper classes for commons-logging

This is the most efficient design, and fairly easy to understand. 
Coincidentally, this is the design that commons-logging implements, and 
it is good for a complex container environment.


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