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From (Oliver Heger)
Subject Re: [configuration] thread-safe?
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 20:00:21 GMT

as I see nobody of the commiters has answered you so far. Then I will 
try to give you a hint though I don't have written this code. So what 
follows need not to be 100% correct.

Well, at the heart of the implementation of all so far existing 
Configuration classes is an instance of the class SequencedHashMap from 
common collections. So thread safety of [configuration] boils down to 
the thread-safety of this class. The documentation in [collections] 
states that the class is not thread safe, but this statement probably 
refers to manipulation in multiple threads and not to read only access. 
So it may be worth to ask the [collections] guys if read only access of 
a SequencedHashMap instance from multiple threads is safe.

IMHO usage of ConfigurationFactory from a singleton is a good idea - if 
it comes out that thread-safety is guaranteed and access is read only. I 
think that is the easiest way of allowing application wide (okay: 
classloader wide) access to the configuration. Maybe it would make sense 
to support such a singleton like access directly in [configuration]?

I hope I could help you.


Charles Crouch wrote:

> Hi
> I'm looking to use the configuration package and wanted to wrap it in 
> my own Singleton e.g.
> MyConfiguration.getInstance().getProperty(key). The 
> ConfigurationFactory, referencing various Properties files, would get 
> setup in the constructor of MyConfiguration.
> If I do not intend to add properties at run time, is it ok to use 
> MyConfiguration in a mutli-threaded environment, i.e. once the 
> ConfigurationFactory has been loaded up, is it safe for multiple 
> threads to retrieve properties at the same time.
> I'd really appreciate some advice if the Singleton pattern is not the 
> recommend approach. I'm trying to  centralise where the Configuration 
> is setup and also trying to ensure that the Properties files would 
> only get read in once, rather than each call to retrieve a property.
> Thanks in advance
> Charles
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