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From __matthewHawthorne <>
Subject Re: [lang] web site
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 15:02:18 GMT
I successfully performed a 'maven site:deploy' for [io] a few weeks ago 
without a problem.  As long at <siteAddress> and <siteDirectory> are 
correct, it should go smoothly.  I would suggest doing it on, since you'll avoid the overhead of copying the site 
across the network - but either way works fine.

Either remotely or locally on, <siteDirectory> should be 
/www/, which I would assume it already is.

Phil Steitz wrote:
> __matthewHawthorne wrote:
>> I don't think that the HTML for each commons project's site is stored 
>> in CVS, only the main commons HTML.  Log in to, cd to 
>> /www/ and do a 'cvs diff', you'll see what I 
>> mean.
>> Also, as long as the <siteDirectory> is correct in lang's project.xml, 
>> you shouldn't have to copy the site docs manually to 
>> /www/ - doing a 'maven site:deploy' 
>> remotely or 'maven site:generate site:fsdeploy' while on 
>> should put the files in the correct place.  If running 
>> remotely, a username property needs to be set, but I can't find the 
>> exact name in the docs.  It'll tell you if you don't have it set.
> Thanks!  Have you (anyone?) done either of the maven deployment steps 
> above successfully? Call me a wimp, but given the strange behavior that 
> I have sometimes seen from maven, I am hesitant to be the first to try 
> this on
> If I do the deploy from, what should <siteDirectory> be?
>> Everything else looked correct to me.  I don't think it's silly to do 
>> this now - I haven't heard anything about the main site becoming 
>> mavenized anytime soon.
>> Phil Steitz wrote:
>>> I have put a first cut at a "mavenized" lang site at 
>>> There is nothing new or different in terms of content. Comments 
>>> welcome. There are a couple of errors that I know about -- the link 
>>> in the upper right does not work and should be replaced by the 
>>> Commons logo image and incl_nav has not been updated to reflect the 
>>> recent promotions of math and dbutils.  I will make these changes.
>>> Modulo a little clean up, I would like to publish this to the public 
>>> site.  I would appreciate confirmation (or gentle indication that I 
>>> am out of my mind) re the following steps to accomplish this:
>>> 1. Add xdocs directory to jakarta-commons/lang cvs including the 
>>> files used to make the maven site.
>>> 2, Remove lang.xml from jakarta-commons/xdocs (this is replaced by 
>>> index.xml in jakarta-commons/lang/xdocs).
>>> 3. Edit jakarta-commons/xdocs/components.xml and 
>>> jakarta-commons/stylesheets/menus/components.xml to remove references 
>>> to lang.html
>>> 4. Follow the instructions in jakarta-commons/BUILD_DOCS.txt to build 
>>> the main commons site locally, commit the changes and update the 
>>> site. I have done this successfully up to the commit.
>>> 5. Generate the mavenized [lang] site locally and move the files 
>>> manually to /www/
>>> The last step seems odd to me, since we seem to be storing HTML in 
>>> CVS for all of the of the non-maven sites.
>>> Did I miss anything?  Is it silly to do this before moving the main 
>>> site to maven?  Are we planning to migrate the main site soon?
>>> Phil
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