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From "Moyer, Janet" <>
Subject Commons Validator Limitation
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 17:05:09 GMT

I recently reported bug in Jakarta Commons validation
(  I want to ask
whether this is actually a permanent limitation on the product, or is it
likely to be corrected? 

Here's the background:  I wanted to use Commons Validator for business
object validation.  Using Commons validator is great in that it allows us to
easily manage and apply sets of validation rules, and provides a consistent
way of handling validation errors.  We're pretty sure all or most of our
rules can be expressed with Validator's XML rules. So far the proof of
concept works well. 

The problem we have is in how the Validator handles exceptions.  Our rules
access databases and backend systems for data needed during validation. If a
system problem occurs, such as a database is down, our rules try to throw a
ValidatorException. Since the plugin methods are invoked by reflection, our
exceptions are wrapped in InvocationTargetExceptions. Validator.validate()
treats this as a validator error rather than a ValidatorException.  This
means all our system exceptions are treated the same as data problems.  For
example, we have a rule that validates a duplicate add of a customer
account.  The validation plugin reads a database to check whether the
account exists.  The problem is that if the database is down, the
Validator.validate() masks the exception, and tells us that the account
already exists.

Are we using the validation framework inappropriately? Should commons
validation only be used for lightweight validation such as Struts, or is
this an issue that is likely to be addressed? 

Thanks for your attention.


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