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From Neil O'Toole <>
Subject Re: [collections][PROPOSAL] Remove Observable subpackage
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 03:46:38 GMT

--- Henri Yandell <> wrote:
> I'm +1 on it moving out. Who is the community as far as that piece of
> code
> is concerned? Is it just a Stephen Colebourne work, ie) moving to
> joda
> makes good sense, or something by more people?

Stephen, Michael Hauer, and myself are the three people who have had
most involvement in this area. Stephen wrote the observable
implementation. I'd developed another full implementation called
notifyingcollections with a different slant. I don't have strong
feelings on having separate source trees / projects (+0?) but the
observable stuff should certainly have its own distributable. There are
many equally valid ways of doing notification (in particular callback
vs. event-based, and light event vs. heavy event), and novel features
that can be added (such as the "ReplayableEvent" mechanism in
notifyingcollections that allows an event to be undone/replayed in an
arbitrary manner thus enable the easy recording of the entire state
history of a collection). In short, lots of code.

I really think it does deserve its own distributable, and the more I
think about it, probably it's own subproject. I believe one of the
points that Steven was making is that this work is holding up the
release of the core [collections] stuff. And since there's so much that
can be done in [observable], I feel it would be fairer to decouple the


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