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From Neil O'Toole <>
Subject Re: [collections] Proposal - Subpackages
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2003 19:22:53 GMT
+1 on the package hierarchy. I especially agree with:

>> 3) The distinction between a decorator and a non-decorator is too
fine for me, and non-obvious to the user.

> I think I would support a move of the Observable classes to a 
separate project, but I feel that moves the release that much further

It might move the release of [observablecollections] away, but it would
definitely speed up the release of [collections] to separate them out.
The observable collections work is significantly larger in conceptual
scope than [primitives], lots of classes involved, there are many many
ways to implement and extend this area,  and there is still significant
implementation work to be done, all of which argues for a separate
subproject. I think it would be good to get all the rest of the
[collections] code out there asap. I would see doing a separate release
as the best way of achieving this.

> neil

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