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From Al Chou <>
Subject RE: [math] re: move to Apache Commons
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2003 04:40:59 GMT
--- Brent Worden <> wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Phil Steitz []
> > Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 12:53 AM
> > To:
> > Subject: [math] re: move to Apache Commons
> >
> > I have always maintained
> > that the simple lang-like extension stuff fits in Jakarta Commons, while
> > the math/stat framework stuff does not.
> In the near-term for [math], this is what I would like to see:
> 1) a 1.0 release
> 2) expand on the 1.0 features for the next release (i.e. add more
> distributions, hypothesis tests, root finders, etc.).


> 3) add ONE new math vertical/discipline for the next release.  For instance,
> we could chose to add a FFT implementation which some people have expressed
> a desire to have.

I think any decisions in the vein of (3) should be largely use-case-driven. 
While it's fun to design and talk about fancy functionality, I have to ask what
use something like (not to pick on this specifically, but it's a good example
to my mind) numerical differentiation is likely to be put to by typical
programmers.  Because I've swung in my programming tasks from adaptive-stepsize
numerical ODE integration to mostly automating/scripting OS tasks, I have no
experience outside of full numerical computing of what someone would want some
of Commons Math's current and currently discussed future functionality for.  I
keep harping on this point, but I'd love to hear about actual usage examples
from anyone out there.

> 4) make another release.

+1 <g>  Of course I want to see us keep going!


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