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From Martin Cooper <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] emeritus committers?
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 18:09:46 GMT
I'm OK with this in principle. However, there would appear to be a bug in
the process used to determine the initial list. For example, Ted Husted
has been active quite recently:

Perhaps you did not take sandbox commits into account?

Martin Cooper

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Rodney Waldhoff wrote:

> There is a perception in some circles that Jakarta as a whole, and Jakarta
> Commons in particular, is too large for sufficient PMC oversight.   In my
> opinion, particularly with respect to Jakarta Commons, this is not the
> case, but one way to combat that perception is to recognize that although
> the CVS avail file lists 72 committers for the jakarta-commons repository
> (see,
> not all of those folks are actively working in Jakarta Commons anymore.
> Removing inactive committers from the avail file (and naming them emeritus
> committers) is one way to recognize that fact.
> The jakarta guidelines state "At times, Committers may go inactive for a
> variety of reasons. A Committer that has been inactive for 6 months or
> more may lose their status as a Committer. Getting access back is as
> simple as re-requesting it on the project's Developer mailing list."
> <>
> The following 16 folks are listed in the CVS avail file, but have not made
> any commits in the past year (since 13 Nov 2002):
> amamment - Arun Mammen Thomas
> arron - Arron Bates
> conor - Conor MacNeill
> dsale - Doug Sale
> dwinterfeldt - David Winterfeldt
> hammant - Paul Hammant
> husted - Ted Husted
> jariw - jariw AT hyperlink-interactive DOT co DOT uk
> jefft - Jeff Turner
> marcsaeg - Marc Saegesser
> mas - Michael Smith
> nacho - Ignacio J. Ortega
> noel - Noel J. Bergman
> paulo - Paulo Gaspar
> serge - Serge Knystautas
> vmassol - Vincent Massol
> It may be that some of these folks have been "active" in non-CVS ways, for
> instance, by posting to the commons-user or commons-dev lists, I haven't
> checked (nor am I exactly sure how I could programmaticly check that).
> Removing those 16 would reduce the number of active committers to 56, a
> more that 20% reduction in the perceived size of jakarta-commons (by that
> metric at least).
> Just to clarify, I have no issues with any or all of those folks
> maintaining access to the jakarta-commons CVS module, nor is this some
> sort of judgment of a lack of activity (indeed there are a number of folks
> on that list that I have a lot of respect for).  Rather, this is a
> recognition that those folks have moved on for the time being and an
> attempt to make the perceived size of Jakarta Commons more accurately
> reflect the reality of the matter.  As the guidelines state, a simple post
> to commons-dev would be all that is needed to restore direct CVS access
> and reverse the inactive status.
> The Proposal:
> Unless anyone on that list wants to declare themselves "active" right now
> (or someone else can vouch for some sort of commons related activity in
> the past year or so), let's invoke that paragraph of the jakarta
> guidelines and declare these folks "inactive" committers.  Specifically,
> let's:
> (1) remove those folks from the avail file and
> (2) add an "emeritus committers" page (or section of some existing page)
> to the jakarta-commons website that acknowledges their contributions and
> indicates the mechanism by which they can once again get CVS access.

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