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From Al Chou <>
Subject Re: [math] BeanUtils, BeanTransformers and BeanListUnivariate
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 21:52:13 GMT
--- "Mark R. Diggory" <> wrote:
> I'm starting to consider that the implementations we have of higher-end 
> Univariates (ListUnivariate/BeanListUnivariate) are a bit premature.
> In Repast they/we encountered that reflection costs tend to make wanting 
> to work with Collections as the core of a mathematical evaluation a bit 
> costly, In RePast the solution to this was to pickup the trove API 
> (similar to BCEL) and actually generate bytecode optimizations of these 
> types of method calls on the Collections of Objects.
> Are we at a point where something like BeanListUnivariate (While a nice 
> example usage of the API) is not something we ideally want to get people 
> using when we release as it may require significant improvement or 
> re-evaluation. If so, one trick would be to move its implementation into 
> the test package hierarchy, as such we would be making it an Example 
> usage of the API and not a full fledged Implementation people would use 
> in the Long run.


It would be nice to see how people are actually using Commons-Math before we
provide something like this functionality.  While I would err toward guessing
that people are doing the more bare-bones numerics I used to do, others might
not, and only real usage will tell us whether it's needed as a core feature.

> Also, I've been considering some naming and consolidation of the lower 
> end "Univariate" API. I think this is poorly named (think we discussed 
> this before).  I'm considering that Abstract/StoreUnivariate/Impl should 
> probably be named "DescriptiveStatistics". and that 
> Abstract/Univariate/Impl "StorelessDescriptiveStatistics" or 
> "LiteDescriptiveStatistics"
> Any thoughts? This would also allow us to remove runtime dependencies on 
> commons-logging and bean-utils.


I never liked the Univariate label, and I have a feeling many users would be
confused by it.  Also, it seems to beg the question of extension to more than
one dimension -- is the next one Bivariate (and the one after that Trivariate,
etc.), or do we jump immediately to Multivariate?


Albert Davidson Chou

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