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From Rodney Waldhoff <>
Subject Re: Company Acknowledgements [was :Re: [HiveMind] 1.0 Beta]
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 15:57:31 GMT
On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Robert Leland wrote:

> You've acknowledged that when you commit any code to Apache you give up
> ownership of that code.

That's not quite right.  When you commit any code to Apache (under the
Contributors License Agreement), you grant the ASF a non-exclusive right
to that code.  You retain your rights on your contributions, you're just
sharing some rights with the ASF as well.

> Also what is said on the Web site is governed by the same Apache
> license. In order to endorse
> any product or company on an Apache web site there needs to be written
> permission
> from the Apache Foundation. The fact that no other company is officially
> endorsed
> (Maven has some hidden acknowledgments in it's plug-in docs) says you
> are asking for a
>  new precedent to be set. While you certainly could make suggestions in
> the negotiating terms,
>  if that is what the Apache Foundation member, wants to do, is not your
> responsibility.
> It is your responsibility to bring this matter to the Apache Foundation
> as a good steward.

It's not clear to me exactly what Howard and or WebCT is asking for.

> Also plain committers like us are not Apache Foundation members.

 - Rod <>

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