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From Konstantin Priblouda <>
Subject Re: [codec] My own little base64 implementation, as an {Input,Output}Stream.
Date Sun, 02 Nov 2003 18:08:01 GMT

--- Alexander Hvostov <> wrote:
> A little while ago, I wrote a base64 {en,de}coder in
> Java. Huzzah. Since I've 
> found out that you guys wrote one too, I thought I
> should submit mine. It's 
> implemented as an OutputStream and InputStream pair,
> though, so it's a bit 
> different from yours, which is why I thought to send
> mine. It's public 
> domain, so do whatever you want with it. The two
> source files are attached.

That's really cool. I was playing with the same
thoughts - I have
to import / export binary content in XML, so it's
really interesting.

BTW, does somebody know XML parser, which works like
but provides input stream of characters instead 
callbak with a StringBuffer? Allocating big
strings/arrays  is somehow uncool when you are about
to save binary result into BLOB...


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