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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [lang] ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString() and statics.
Date Sat, 01 Nov 2003 19:34:08 GMT
From: "Gary Gregory" <>
> A code review would be greatly appreciated, especially in how the feature
> surfaced at the API level.
> The main points are:
> (1)
> Deprecate in ReflectionToStringBuilder:

> (2) New convenience methods ReflectionToStringBuilder.toStringWithStatics.
I thought they would make things clearer, but I was wrong!

> Ideally I would have liked not to instantiate the target object, but it
> seems that Java's lack of a proper metadata model rears its ugly head here
> again. Unless I've missed something, which is quite possible of course.
> Doing this:
> ReflectionToStringBuilder.toStringWithStatics(MQEnvironment.class
> MQEnvironment.class);
> Will dump out the contents of the java.lang.Class object and so does not
> the same as the first example. It seems that you cannot get to the static
> side info from a java.lang.Class but only from an instance. Not very OO,
> well.
You could have a   toStringStatics(Class, Class)  method. You can get the
field metadata about static methods from the Class object. The method could
only output static fields though, and I'm not sure how common the case is.


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