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From "Juozas Baliuka" <>
Subject Re: [DbUtils]Making the BeanHandler... Even Smarter
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 06:32:48 GMT

You can do it with strings too:

 private static String FIELD_LIST = " column1 as beanProp1, column2 as
 column3 as beanProp3.... ";

String sql1 = "SELECT" + FIELD_LIST + "FROM ... ";

I use this way:


I think it can be better to use this map for any dynamic sql:

 Map context = new HashMap();
 context.add( "var1", "function" );
 context.add( "FIELD_LIST", FIELD_LIST );

"SELECT ${FIELD_LIST} FROM  MY_TABLE WHERE ${function}(name) = $1  ";

> I am finding that my DAOs that use the BeanHandler are ending up with a
> of code like this:
> String queryName = "select column1 as beanProp1, column2 as beanProp2,
> column3 as beanProp3...."
> This gets to be very redundant and clunky for large rows, and it happens
> because DbUtils assumes that the column name selected from your query will
> be an exact match for the exposed property of your JavaBean.
> What I would like to do is define a Map once in my DAO:
> Map columnMap = new HashMap();
> columnMap.add( "column1", "beanProp1" );
> columnMap.add( "column2", "beanProp2" );
> ...
> and then I would like a way to tell DbUtils to override the default name
> mappings of columns to properties by using the map I supply.
> I have two proposals for how I can accomplish this:
> 1) I can create an additional constructor for BasicRowProcessor that takes
> a nameMap as input. Then I would change the mapColumnsToProperties()
> to check for the existence of such a map when performing the name mapping.
> 2) Looking at proposal 1, it occurs to me that mapColumnsToProperties is
> really more of a ColumnProcessor thing than a RowProcessor thing. I could
> refactor so that the BasicRowProcessor delegates to its ColumnProcessor to
> provide the mapColumnsToProperties functionality. Now, the nameMap would
> passed into the BasicColumnProcessor class. Also, I would have to change
> the method signature for the ColumnProcessor interface so that the process
> method takes a colunm name rather than an index number for its second
> argument.
> If folks are agreeable to either of these two proposals, I am willing to
> submit patch and testcase.
> Thanks,
> Corby
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