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From Christian Essl <>
Subject Re: [HiveMind] What next?
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 10:00:15 GMT
> (I keep getting confused when you write "build in" and probably mean
> "built-in".)

Yes I mean built-in thank you - you know my English :-)

> The schema right now is pretty much a very stripped down version of 
> RelaxNG.
> The schema supports <element> and <attribute> and a "required" attribute

> for
> <attribute>.  To keep things simple I think the default schema shouldn't 
> be
> a whole lot more complicated.  The next most important thing, IMHO, would 
> be
> an equivalent of RelaxNG's <choice> and <group>.  But like you I think 
> that
> both the schema language and processing should be pluggable.  Ideally as
> HiveMind services of course!
> I take it that changes to these parts would be for HiveMind 1.1.
> --knut

You are right thinks should be kept simple and <choice> and <group> would 

May be the pluggable processing could make it also in the 1.0 release. Just 
give a way to get the unparsed elements and than anyone can implement a 
Service which reads it's processing rules form a configuration and than 
takes the Elements form the contribution and processes them. (These 
services can be used by than like any other service).

I think to get the Elements something like this would be sufficient:  
  private List _contributingElements;
  synchronized List getContributingElements(){
	  if(_contributingElements != null)
           return _contributingElements;
	  _contributingElements = new ArrayList();
        int count = _contributions.size();
        for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)
           Contribution extension = (Contribution) _contributions.get(i);
        return _contributingElements;

I also think the current SchemaProcessorImpl could with out much change 
swithed to an only validating parser. Just add a boolean onlyValidating and 
call out to the rules only when the property is false.

Christian Essl

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