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From Eric Yung <>
Subject Re: [HiveMind] User defined Translator
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 07:31:14 GMT

Howard M. Lewis Ship wrote:
> The documentation omits to say that you specify a class name for a translator in addition
to the
> predefine values such as "int" or "service".

Thanks for information. I can find the documentation now.

> What is the need for your proposed translator?  When do you need an qualified id but
don't know
> whether it is a service or a configuration?

The translator will be used in a configuration point where a service 
will get the service ids instead of service objects. I will use those 
service ids for recording. Since the service reading the qualified id 
knows what it is getting, there will be NO confusion about whether the 
id is a service or a configuration.


> --
> Howard M. Lewis Ship
> Creator, Tapestry: Java Web Components
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: news [] On Behalf Of Eric Yung
>>Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 4:57 AM
>>Subject: [HiveMind] User defined Translator
>>How can I add a new Translator implementation using in the 
>><read-attribute> rule? I know the translators are instantiated in the 
>>DescriptorParser, can I add a new one?
>>The new Translator in my mind works like the ServiceTranslator / 
>>ConfigurationTranslator - it takes the ExtensionPoint ID (either 
>>ConfigurationPoint ID or ServiceExtensionPoint ID) and 
>>returns a fully 
>>qualified id. This translator could be the parent of the 
>>ServiceTranslator / ConfigurationTranslator. What do you 
>>think? Do you think this one should be included into the CVS? 
>>I can provide the 
>>Anyway, I will implement this translator and modify 
>>DescriptorParser to 
>>include it in the standard translator set.
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