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From Matthew Firth <>
Subject Re: [chain] no chain iterator?
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 12:40:54 GMT

>Sounds like a reason to subclass ChainBase for your own chain 
yep - I've taken your advice there :)

>It's definitely internal.  From the outside, you should think of a
>Chain as a *Command*, not a chain.  
>internally implemented as a chain or not is irrelevant to users -- 
>that's an implementation detail.

ok, your logic makes a lot more sense to me now :)

>So you propose to make it *public* instead *package protected*?  That
>doesn't seem like an improvement.
No, I think I was suggesting more that the author of chain (you) and I
have a  different mindset in this area - rather than a proposal to change 

I was making a general comment about writing tests that were 
directly examining the internal state of a class rather than than
examining the effects that state has on the class' external behaviour.

However, I'm not an automated testsuite-writing guru, so I'm not 
going to try and start a thread on how everybody should write their test 
cases like me :)
  {especially when I'm not a committer & have no shining public 
   examples of code to point to.....} 

>-1 on this proposed change, for the reasons discussed on this thread.
fair enough.  Subclassing it is then! :)

Thanks for clearing that up for me.  There endith another thread!


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