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From (Wickus Martin)
Subject I have a project I'd like to contribute to Jakarta Commons.
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 12:02:26 GMT

A while back I wrote a generic comparator for Java objects and called it
GComp. We’ve been using it internally at the company where I work, but I was
wondering if it might not be of value to the commons project.

Typically Java programmers create a custom Comparator implementation for
every comparison scenario they encounter. GComp on the other hand can
compare objects according to complex criteria based on a simple expression
that explains how the objects should be compared. Great time saver and
prevents problem of many small comparator classes bloating the code base.

Usage scenario:

Lets say we have a class called Customer with methods to access the first
name and last name. Lets also say we have a class called Order that holds a
reference to an instance of Customer.

To compare orders according to the customer surname (ascending) we could
create the following comparator:

new GComp("getLastName");

To compare a collection of orders according to the customer last name
(ascending) and then first name (descending) for those customers with the
same last name we could create the following comparator:


To order null values last and ignore case we could create:


The above code only orders on string objects, but all objects implementing
the comparable interface is supported as is primitive types.

Currently GComp uses commons-logging to output debugging information if
commons logging is found on the classpath.

I'm happy to donate the code for further study. Let me know.

Keep well,
Wickus Martin

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