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From "Bryce Alcock" <>
Subject [Math] order-statistics tree (augmented red-black)
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 17:39:25 GMT

I would like an order - statistics tree,
Which behaves with the same running times
as a standard red-black binary search

The Java TreeSet and TreeMap are both 
red-black trees based on the algorithm from
CLRS (Corman Leiserson Rivest Stein),
however in looking at the code, it 
would not be easy to extend these creatures
to do what I want (Unless I am missing Something).
Most of their underlying left and right rotate methods
are private, and could not be extended or augmented with data (such as order stats) easily.

However Chapter 14 of [ CLRS ] 
has the algorithm to do this.

1. Are there any plans to do something like
this in either the Math, or Collections 
sections of Commons?

2. If so how could we get this prioritized, etc.


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