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From (Oliver Heger)
Subject [configuration]Enhanced patch and some thoughts
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 18:14:38 GMT

I have added an enhanced version of the HierarchicalConfiguration patch 
to bugzilla (because of its size): Bug 24262. In this patch there is 
also an XMLReader implementation that operates on a BaseConfiguration 
instance rather than HierarchicalConfiguration. This makes it possible 
to perform XML processing on all kind of Confiugration objects and e.g. 
pass them to a Digester.

The new parsing functionality for (Base)Configuration objects is 
implemented in the BaseConfigurationXMLReader class. There is also a new 
base class ConfigurationXMLReader that provides common functionality of 
the specific XMLReader classes. An additional class 
HierarchicalConfigurationConverter is used by BaseConfigurationXMLReader 
and provides means to iterate over the keys defined in a Configuration 
and treat them in a structured manner.

I am expecting your feedback...

Finally some thoughts about ConfigurationFactory: This class and some of 
the Configuration classes that can be created by this factory load their 
data from files. I think that will cause problems for applications that 
are deloyed in jars (and that have their configuration also stored in 
these archives), e.g. web applications. Wouldn't it be better if the 
affected classes used URLs instead? Then it would be possible to 
determine a URL to a configuration file (even if it is located in a jar) 
in a simmilar way as ClassPropertiesConfiguration work and let the 
classes read their data from that URL.

And still another point: I am not very happy with ConfigurationFactory 
in the way that it not really constructs a union of the properties it 
reads. For instance if two XML files are read that contain similar 
elements you cannot obtain the data in the second file because the 
search for properties stops when values in the first file are found. I 
would prefer to get all properties.

The BasePropertiesConfiguration class provides a way of including other 
files into a property file. I think it would be very useful to implement 
this feature for other configuration classes, too. Maybe a generic 
approach could be found to allow includes of arbirary files in all 
configuration classes (e.g. include .properties files in XML files and 
vice versa, XML files in XML files etc.). With this approach a developer 
could access all properties in his application through a single 
configuration object; this is similar to a Unix file system which allows 
to mount different disks into one logic directory tree.

As a use case consider web frameworks like struts. Those frameworks 
typically define lots of configuration information in a monolithic file 
(struts-config.xml), which can be a bottle neck in large projects with 
lots of developers. With the generic include facility it would be very 
simple to split these large files into arbitrary small portions and link 
them together. For the code that processes the configuration these 
portions occur as a single logic file.

What do you think?


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