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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [all] new list for cvs commits? (was Re: commons-configuration)
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 00:55:53 GMT
Emmanuel Bourg wrote:

> I agree that contributors should keep an eye on CVS commits, but a 
> separate list doesn't prevent them from doing so. That's less 
> confusing for newcomers like Hernan, reduce the noise for the non 
> commiter folks here just interested in the discussions, and makes the 
> archive more readable.
I would be -1 on making this change for any Jakarta project that I'm an 
active participant in.  It's more than a "should" ... committers have a 
*responsibility* to review commits from other committers.  The "should" 
is for non-committers that want to know what is going on, or see if 
their bugfix has been incorporated in the nightly builds, or ...

Other notes:

* Filtering the CVS commits (either all of them or by package) is a trivial
  exercise, because the subject line includes everythng you need.

* Discussions that are not intertwined with the CVS commits are
  welcome on the COMMONS-USER maililng list.

> Emmanuel


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