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Subject Re: [BEANUTILS] patch for resultset
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 16:26:36 GMT
I've seen the hint many times in the Jakarta lists, that it is better
to post patches into bugzilla. there each issue is tracked, listed
weekly and requires an explicit handling, closing. It is less likely
that a patch in bugzilla gets lost as in the high volume commons-dev

You got already a notice from someone that considers your patch
to be useful. So either a committer jumps into this thread or
you post you patch to bugzilla...


Mainguy, Mike wrote:
> Ref:
> I sent a patch in a while back to allow mapping specific interface
> definitions to resultsets so that the returned dynabeans don't necessarily
> 100% map to the resulset metadata.  It's useful when you have a service
> layer that needs to hand back data in a specific format, but it is not
> necessarily 100% matching the resultset's metadata (i.e. fields
> missing/etc).
>   I've been eyeballing the activity and it looks as though there's little
> interest/time to review such a thing (or I did something wrong in the patch
> submission process?).  Should I submit it through bugzilla or drop the
> issue?
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:) Christoph Reck

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