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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [Chain]: k2d2 framework
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 20:28:16 GMT
Ted Husted wrote:

> otisg wrote:
>> k2d2 looks like a concrete implementation of an API that is
>> defined within the k2d2 framework itself.  The implementation
>> allows generic components to be assembled in a chain, and
>> connected with blocking queues.  I guess this is where the
>> concreteness of k2d2 shows - it is more than just the API. However, 
>> Chain also has some concrete implementations, so I was
>> wondering why not also provide a concrete implementation that
>> k2d2 provides, but change it to implement Chain's API, not the
>> one that k2d2 defines internally.
> I guess that would be up to the k2d2 community, then. :)
> The concrete implementations we have now are either minimal or based 
> on published specifications, like the Servlet and Portlet APIs and 
> JavaServer Faces. These are as much as proofs of concept as anything 
> else.
> I have wondered where implementations for more specialized usage might 
> live. For example, a StrutsContext or ActionCommand (<brrr/>), or a 
> Velocity Context that implemented the Chain Context, or likewise for 
> the many other packages that implement a Context and/or a Command 
> interface.
> My inclination would be that they should live in the communities that 
> can best support them. So if k2d2 wanted to base their implementation 
> on Chain, then that implementation might be live in the k2d2 CVS. 
> Likewise for implementations that catered to the Struts or Velocity 
> communities.

My feeling that commons-chain should only contain concrete 
implementations that are truly generic (like LookupCommand), plus 
context (and perhaps command) implementations for platforms (o.a.c.c.web 
and friends).  Something like a StrutsContext should live in 
jakarta-struts, VelocityContext in jakarta-velocity, and so on.

> -Ted.

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