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From Will Jaynes <>
Subject Re: commons-logging & classloading
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 17:35:33 GMT

Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

> Ojares Rami EINT wrote:
>> Craig,
>> Would it be difficult to somehow parametrize the classloading in 
>> commons-logging.
>> I just commented out small portion that resorts to thread classloader.
>> To me it seems that it would be very trivial to give the user possibility
>> to disable thread classloading (which still could be the default).
> That would lead to a Catch-22 situation, because the thread context 
> class loader is used to load the file as 
> well, and you would want the setting to take effect first :-).
> More seriously, letting people disable this would be a disaster in a 
> servlet container environment, which is a very common use case for code 
> that uses commons-logging.  More than a few people on this thread have 
> described exactly how to set up and use it successfully, allowing each 
> individual webapp to define their own logging environment.  

Well, more precisely, they have described how to set it up and use it 
with Tomcat 5. (which is reasonable on this list :-) I'm trying to find 
  time to set up Tomcat 5 and get it working so I can see for myself. I 
am using Resin 2.1.11 and have not yet been able to get this working, 
although I have set things up analogously to what Remy has described. If 
I can get it to work with Tomcat 5 but not Resin then I will take it up 
with the Resin folks.

> If you 
> turned of context class loading, this would be impossible unless you 
> forced every app to have their own copy of c-l, and didn't allow the 
> container to have its own (which, among other things, would totally 
> break Tomcat 5).
>> - rami
> Craig

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