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From David Graham <>
Subject Re: [all] new list for cvs commits? (was Re: commons-configuration)
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 06:03:22 GMT

--- Todd Jonker <> wrote:
> On 10/29/03 7:19 PM, wrote:
> > Simple email filtering rules help
> > to get rid of messages you don't want to see.
> This recommendation doesn't help those of us who have to use lame-ass
> Web
> mail interfaces during the workday.  

I've managed to make my free Yahoo! account filter messages into different

> It's incredibly tedious to have to
> page
> and delete the commit messages that flow through every day.

This is a result of so many projects using commons-dev, not the commit
messages.  As other have pointed out, the commits *must* be followed by
the project team on the dev list.  Dev list discussions are often prompted
by replies to commit messages.  Separating the commits to some forgotten
side list is the wrong approach.


> As someone who is a non-committer but likes to keep up with commons-dev,
> such a change would make it MUCH easier for me to follow the discussion
> threads.  This in turn makes it more likely that I'll actually implement
> changes for submission to the projects.  As it is, I've been very close
> to
> unsubscribing from commons-dev just because the volume is overwheleming.
> .T.
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