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From Ricky Panaglucci <>
Subject Re: [digester] populating beans fixed to BeanUtils?
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 21:43:29 GMT
i like beanutils very much.
but the assumption being made is, that the target 
object either implements set/get according to spec or
is an instance of DynaBean.

imo it would be appreciated by many users (at least
in the longterm) if an interface and/or factory is
provided which, call it a "use case", allows for 
custom DynaBean-like behaviour.


ps. do you mean sending example implementation?

 --- robert burrell donkin
<> wrote: > hi
> beanutils adds quite a few powerful features which
> (seems to me to) 
> justify these dependencies.
> there are some good reasons why it might be useful
> to abstract the actual 
> population from the mechanism used to perform the
> population. i'm not sure 
> whether the best way to do this would be through
> delegation to a strategy 
> interface or through inheritance. i'd be interested
> to here other people's 
> views on this.
> i don't seem to get as much coding time as i'd like
> these days so i 
> probably won't get round to coding this any time
> soon but patches 
> (including test cases ;) would be gratefully
> received.

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