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From Rodney Waldhoff <>
Subject Re: [primitives] First steps
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2003 23:46:49 GMT
I guess I wasn't quite clear there.  It was my intention as well to strip
the "collections" part of the current packaging before the release.

The plan then is to:

A) Repackage what's currently in [primitives] from
org.apache.commons.collections.primitives.** to

B) Deprecate what's currently in [collections] at *.primitives.**, to
point to the [primitives] version

C) Ask the maven folks to publish a  -SNAPSHOT and dated build from the
resulting commons-collections HEAD to the ibiblio repository

D) Initiate a 1.0 release of [primitives] with the current code base,
slighly repackaged.

E) Remove the *.primitives.** packages from [collections], either before
or after D.  (With all things being equal, we should probably at least
allow the deprecation warnings to show up in the nightly builds for a
couple of days first.)

Is that right?

(Assuming it is) I'll volunteer to be the primitives 1.0 release manager,
but I won't have much time until next week to dig into it.  Also, I
haven't done a release since the mirroring structure was set up, but I
suppose I'll be able to muddle through.  Are there documenation on that
process somewhere?

- Rod <>

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