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From Thomas Pl├╝mpe <>
Subject RE: [BEANUTILS] Property Descriptor Visibility
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 01:31:04 GMT
> While this might seem like a problem with the
> MethodUtils::getAccessibleMethod, it, in fact, reflects the reality of
> dynamic method invocation today (the behaviour is broken because these
> methods can be invoked directly, just not dynamically).
I haven't tried with other JDKs, but with Sun's j2sdk-1.4.2_01 on Linux
I am able to set properties via PropertyUtils.setProperty(). Alas,
PropertyUtils.getProperty() fails with a NoSuchMethodException. My setup
is a little different to Henning's, though.

Where Henning is trying to access a property "foo" that is fully
implemented in the package-private superclass, I am trying to access a
property that has its getter and setter only abstractly defined in the
superclass and then implemented in the subclass.

The truly strange thing here is that the property descriptor says the
read method is defined in the superclass (and abstract) but it reports
the correct write method. And this is still the case when I make the
superclass public, only that setting and getting properties works then.

If anybody would like to investigate this further: I had sent two mails
about it to commons-user (I should have sent it here, I guess) on
September, 9th with a little more on the subject:

I don't urgently need a fix for this, just FYI.


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