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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject [HttpClient] Freezes w/ MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 15:46:38 GMT
My single threaded user of VFS (an HttpClient user, that uses
MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager) hangs [I suspect indefinitely] on minor
activity. I've turned on HttpClient debug and I see this, the last line
being the last thing I get...

2003/10/09 09:34:26:482 MDT [DEBUG] wire - -<< "Content-Type:
2003/10/09 09:34:26:482 MDT [DEBUG] HttpMethodBase - -Resorting to protocol
version default close co
nnection policy
2003/10/09 09:34:26:492 MDT [DEBUG] HttpMethodBase - -Should NOT close
connection, using HTTP/1.1
2003/10/09 09:34:26:502 MDT [DEBUG] HttpMethodDirector - -Execute loop try 1
2003/10/09 09:34:26:512 MDT [DEBUG]
MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager - -HttpConnectionManager.getC
onnection:  config = HostConfiguration[,
protocol=http:80, port=80], timeout = 0

2003/10/09 09:34:26:522 MDT [DEBUG]
MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager - -Unable to get a connection
, waiting..., hostConfig=HostConfiguration[,
protocol=http:80, port=80]

I can send the full run logs if folks need/want.

This is pretty reproducible. When I hack VFS not to use the
MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager I don't get the problem.

I'll go find the bug tracking system (not sure why it isn't jumping out at
me from the WWW site, but then -- nor are mailing lists, hence this -- maybe
I need more coffee, or less sun glare before I look) . I'll enter a but

FWIIW: I think I've noticed this for about a week, I only just found time to
dig in.


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